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Camera Composition
  1. Headroom: Enough room for the subject's head. Space around their head yet not too much. Too low in the frame (too much headroom) makes them appear short. Not enough headroom makes them look tall and scrunched. Correct headroom gives the subject just enough space around their head to make them look comfortable. 

Not Enough Headroom


Perfect Headroom

  1. Eye placement:  Should be in the top third of the screen (see rule of thirds).  You want the viewer not to notice the camera-work so, make it look natural and standard.


  1. Avoid Distractions:  Keep the photo as basic as possible. Also, look to see what else is in the screen that you may not want there. Are there distracting lines, lights, objects? Clear them out by moving either your camera or your subject. Be aware of light poles, phone lines or antlers that appear to be coming out of people's heads.

Notice the Poles in the Back?  Too Many Distractions!

  1. Avoid "floating heads":   Don't cut people off at the neck - or body joints, this is disconcerting to the viewer.
  1. Give "look-space"/ walking room:  This is space in the frame that is in front of their eyes that allows them room to look or walk. So they don't look like they will bump into the edge of the photograph.

Good Example of Look-Space & Walking Room

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