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composition basics - How to get good Pictures

To make your final product more interesting (and informative) include a variety of pictures (shots). Shot sizes range from extreme long shots (person far away), to extreme close ups (just their eyes). Samples:


  1. ELS = Extreme Long Shot (person in surroundings)

  1. LS = Long Shot (whole body)
  1. MS = medium shot (waist up)
  1. MCU = Medium close-up (mid chest up)
  1. CU = Close-up (head and shoulders)
  1. ECU = Extreme Close-up (face - or eyes!)
  1. OTS = Over the Shoulder
  1. Single = one person in the frame
  1. 2-Shot = two people in the frame
  1. 3-Shot = three people in the frame 

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