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Guidelines for Better Photographic Composition: Lines

Lines also play an important role in composition. This sculpture has some beautiful lines, but they're obscured by the busy background. Let's simplify this picture by moving our camera viewpoint in close to the base of the sculpture.

2 views of sculpture

Now we can look up and see the lines against a clear blue sky. The picture on the right is much more dynamic because of the strong diagonal lines.

Diagonal rays of sunlight

Imagine this view without the diagonal rays of sunlight and you'll probably agree: diagonal lines are dynamic!

Fence and sidewalk with figure

You can use diagonals as leading lines to provide a way into the picture. It's a simple and easy path for the eye to follow to the main subject.

Boy on steps

You can also use repetitive lines to draw viewers' attention to your center of interest.

S  curve of fence

One of the most common and graceful lines used in composition is called the S curve.

Man on path

Here's another S curve that forms a diagonal leading line. This picture is also improved with a well-placed center of interest, and the result is a photograph that's easy to look at.


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