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Leading Lines

Lines are wonderful elements in a photograph. They draw the viewer's eye through the image from one spot to the next, sometimes all the way around and sometimes in one direction. Keep these lines simple, and don't make them take attention away from the intended subject.
Horseshoe Bend, AZ
We first notice the bright spot in the lower left and the canyon rims provide the visual line that takes us through the rest of the image.
desert varnish and fall colors, Zion NP
The lines are provided by the desert varnish streaks in the rock wall. At the bottom of the lines is beautiful fall color.
Lost Lake, Yellowstone NP
The bright logs in the foreground are the first thing the eye is attracted to, and bring the viewer deeper into the image.
Lava Rocks, Capitol Reef NP
The eye is led through the image following the lay of the rocks.
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